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Supplying The World's Demand for Exceptional Economists
General Policies:
Active attendance to meetings is required to be included in the Member Database.
Business Casual is requested during Company presentations and meetings.
Dues are to be paid on or before the second meeting date.

For Texas A&M University Economics Society (T.A.M.E.S.)

Article I - Mission Statement

Section 1 - Goals

The Texas A&M University Economics Society (T.A.M.E.S.) is an academically based organization closely incorporated with the Department of Economics, and shall focus on promoting both social and professional economic information and networking for
economics majors and any student interested in the field of economics. This will be
achieved through various speakers of notoriety, group discussion such as seminars,
diffusion of information pertaining to employment and further education, and any other
means which benefit the members of the society.

Section 2 – Honor Code and Guidelines

The Aggie Honor code will apply at all students at any Economics Society event. In addition to this, the dept. of student activities code will strictly adhere to the society and all students who are associated with the society. Failure to meet the Aggie Honor code or the dept. for student activities guidelines for proper behavior will be grounds for removal from the society.

Article II – Membership

Section 1 - Eligibility

Membership will be open to all full-time students at Texas A&M University who are in good standing with the university and the Economics Society, who also meet minimum
GPR requirements (above 2.0 GPR for undergraduate, and 3.0 for graduate students).
Dues of official membership shall be set at listed $25per semester or $40 per year

on the official role. Due date shall be within three weeks of the start of classes for that
current semester.

Section 2 – Attendance Policy

Attendance policy for both members and officers will be agreed on and set by the officers. Failure to meet the attendance policy may result in removal of membership and/or position. The policy will be announced and remain present on the official designated website throughout the semester.

Section 3 – Removal & Discipline of Members

If a member fails to uphold the conduct befitting of a Texas A&M student (see student
behavior in university rules and regulations) or the Aggie Honor Code, the officers or
other members of the society may seek to have this member removed. This will be done
only after a notification to the member in question, and the officers meet first to discuss
with the member his/her conduct. After this the officers will decide if they still feel it
necessary to remove him/her from the society for breaching the rules of student
behavior. If the officers find this to be the case, then at the next officer meeting the member in
question will address the officers regarding his/her point of view, then the officers will
take a majority vote to decide whether this member shall be asked to leave the society or
be suspended as discipline. If asked to leave, this member must leave the society, and
any breach of university conduct will be reported. If the member in question has not
breached university guidelines, but only society regulations, they shall be suspended for
one semester from the society as discipline.

A member may be removed if they do not meet the attendance policy agreed upon and set by the officers prior to each semester. 

Article III – Meetings and Events

Section 1 – Society Meetings

The Economics Society will meet several times per month in a specified room and time,
this should be reserved at the same place and time each week with the economics
department, but may change if necessary. Attendance will be taken, and is required for both members and officers consistent with the policy announced by the officers and presented on the webpage. 

Section 2 – Officer Meetings

Officers shall meet aside from regular meetings to discuss issues within the society on a
regular basis. This will count toward any absence if officers are unable to make it to the
meeting. This meeting will be set up jointly by the officers, but the president will set the
final time and place.

Section 3 – Society Events

There will be strictly professionally informative
economics related event each month such as a guest speakers, seminar, or group field
trip. Social and economic events can be combined. This is set up to keep membership
active and the role of the society functional.
Economic Events: For the purpose of passing on information specifically related to the
field of economics to the society. These events shall be held either on campus or off, and
should be announced in advance. These may include professional recruiters, professor
lectures, academic advisors, internship opportunities, former students, group discussions,
debates, field trips to places of economic interest, and any other informative means of
enriching the members of the society and achieving the goals of the economics society.
Social Events: These shall be within university guidelines, and do not have to
incorporate economic topics. Their purpose to is create strong ties and networking within
the members of the economics society and should be discussed with members

Article IV – Officers

Section 1 – Requirement for Officers

Officers of the Economics society should be undergraduate students at Texas A&M
University who are currently, or planning on becoming in the near future Economics
Majors. They must be in good standing with the university (above 2.0 GPR) and meet all
student guidelines. All officers must sign an agreement at the beginning of their term
stating that they will adhere to the constitution and fulfill all of their duties in their
respective position. 

Section 2 – Selecting Officers

Within one month before the end of classes for the fall semester, officers must be selected
for the following year. The current officers will continue to make all decisions and fulfill
their current duties until the officers-elect take authority the day following the last day of
class for that current semester. However, a transition period will be ongoing to ensure
continuity and consistency in the organization.
I. Economics Society officers must be enrolled in the university for the full
upcoming term, meet all requirements outlined by student activities, and have
paid dues & maintained an active attendance record prior to the selection process.
II. A selection committee consisting of the graduating officers 
will be created. Each person applying for election shall submit an
application created by the selection committee. The graduating officers will
approve candidates who will fulfill the position in an exemplary manner. 
The screening committee will approve applicants in a majority vote. 
The applicant will list their top three positions in order of interest and will be evaluated for those specific positions. 

III. Interview process: 

i.After the initial screening by the selection committee, applicants will be chosen to interview with the selection committee at a set time and place for 15-30 minute time slots. 
ii.After each invited candidate has been interviewed, the selection committee will enter into a period of debate not to exceed 15 minutes followed by a period of voting for each position. 
iii.Every member of the selection committee will have one vote of equal weight. In case of a tie, the candidate’s application is sent to the academic advisor who will then have the deciding vote. 
iv.Once all positions have been filled, the selection committee is dismantled. 

Section 3 – Limitations

Officers will be allowed to serve no more than two terms (two years) in a specific office
while an undergraduate student at Texas A&M University. This may or may not be
consecutive terms. A student will be allowed to serve in another Economics Society
office even if he/she has exhausted the two term limit in another office (e.g. someone
who has served two terms as Events Coordinator can run as President). No student may
run for more than one office in a given semester.

Section 4 – Officers and Duties

Senior Advisor – This position will be filled by a senior student who has just finished
their term as an officer. This position will be selected by the graduating officers and
faculty advisor. The purpose of this position is to ensure a smooth transition from old
officers to new officers. Senior Advisor will be involved in advising officers with
planning, networking, and offering any other insight or thought on the organization’s
activities. The Senior Advisor will not have any responsibility outside of this and will
simply be there to advise current officers.

President – This officer is responsible for overseeing the organization as a whole.
President will preside over all functions, communicate and delegate between officers and
members. This person shall keep in close contact with the, Faculty Advisor, and Student
Activities. President shall have the tie-breaking vote in any split decisions between officers. This person will also be responsible for initiating growth for the society by way
of members, contacts, and opportunities. The president also reserves the right to change or delegate duties for officers if it allows for the betterment of the society. 

Vice President – This officer will assist the President in his/her roles and stand-in for the
President if needed. The Vice President will be responsible for the majority of the
networking for the society. This person will reach out to alumni through the
aggienetwork, recruiters and professionals through the career center, and any other
contacts that will build the network of the organization. This person should have a great
amount of networking skills.

Internal Marketing Chair– This officer will be responsible for planning all events. This may
include but is not limited to contacting and setting up seminars with guest speakers,
recruiters, internships opportunities, job information, social gatherings and networking
within the Economics Society, and any other events or informative material specifically
pertaining to the professional aspect of the Economics Society. She/he shall also be the
foremost knowledgeable authority on the proper behavior at these events. The marketing chair shall work very closely with the President and Vice President in acting as a
prime authority on the disbursement of professional information to the society that will
help the members gain knowledge and networking in the field of economics. This
individual should possess a great amount of networking skills and be very ambitious in
bringing in prestigious speakers that will establish a strong and lasting network for the

External Marketing Chair - This officer shall be responsible for promoting the society and its
events. This includes, but is not limited to: making and posting fliers, maintaining and
updating the economics society board, advertising on open access screen savers, and
initiating new creative marketing ideas. They will also be expected to play a lead role in
fundraising events that will promote the Economics Society. This officer shall be able to
recruit members to aide he/she in the responsibilities of Marketing Chair.

Treasurer – This officer shall along with the president and vice-president be responsible
for the financial aspect of the society. However, the treasurer will be the foremost
authority on the balancing and proper allocation and collection for funds within the
society. He/She will work closely with the president to make sure all transaction, both in
and out are within society guidelines and that no money is unaccounted for while he/she
is in office. They will be required to keep track of all transactions while in their term in
office, which shall include collection of dues and fees, payment for events and expenses
of speakers, and other financials the society will encounter. They will be required to turn
in all transactions to the economics department accountant at the end of each term. This
person should also be responsible for initiating fundraisers for the society.

Secretary – This officer will be in charge of tracking both officer attendance and member
attendance at meetings. He/She shall also keep track of dues and service hours for
members for official records. This individual is responsible for communication between
members, officers, and updating members on new changes and opportunities extended by
the society and its network. This officer should be responsible for the letters sent to the
students within the economic depart.

Section 5 – Officer Attendance and Participation

Officer attendance is required and will follow the policy agreed upon by the officers. All officers must fulfill all duties prescribed to them. If
this does not happen, the officers will meet and decide on whether the officer in question will be replaced, or if they will be warned. 

Section 6 – Officer Replacement & Discipline

If an officer does not fulfill the proper role of his/her office as outlined or fails to meet the accepted officer attendance policy, the other officers
or members can request a motion to remove. This will be done by an officer/member
who must write a report that outlines the officer in question. The faculty advisor will
meet with the officers and with their recommendations to make the final decision. The
other officers will first meet with the officer in question to discuss the issue, and then
he/she will be allowed to address the officers as a whole regarding the his/her point of
view before the report is submitted. As long as the officer has not broken any
university rules or codes, they will only be disciplined by losing his/her office, but
allowed to remain in the society as a member, or be suspended in more serious cases for
one semester. If the officer removed is the president, he/she will be replaced by the vice
president, for any other officer an interim officer will appointed by the president until a
new vote can be taken for a permanent replacement.

Section 7 – Officer Removal

If an officer violates student rules or the Aggie Honor Code (regardless if he/she has still
upheld his/her official duties), a motion may be presented by a member or other officer
for the officer in question to be removed from the society. The officer in question shall
first be notified, and then have a meeting with the other officers and advisor before a majority vote by the officers to remove takes place. The university will then be
contacted in the event any rules and regulation were breached by that officer. If removed,
that officer may not be allowed to stay in the society.

Article V – Revisions and Amendments

Section 1 – Amending the Constitution

A two-thirds vote will be held to amend the constitution. This shall be done during
officers’ meetings with recording by the secretary. However, any member can move to
amend the constitution also, by submitting their request during a society meeting. This
request shall be reviewed by the officers privately and an officer vote will take place if

Section 2 – Revisions

Revisions to the constitution can be motioned for and enforced in the same way as
amendments. The Economics Society Constitution will be re-submitted to the dept. of
student activities every term even when not renewing recognition status to ensure the
MSC and dept. of student activities retains and current copy of it at all times. The
revisions and the entire constitution will be publicly accessible to anyone who shall
inquire, either within or outside of the society.

Article VI – Incorporation of Economics Society

Section 1 – Recognition

It will be the responsibility of the president and vice-president to make sure the society is
kept current with all recognition requirements and SOFC requirements. This includes
having at least one faculty advisor who meets the StuAct advisor requirements. The
president and vice-president elect for the following term shall be in charge with the help
of the other officers to maintain and set up the society during summer and winter
breaks. The senior advisor, president and vice-president of the current term that is ending
will be responsible for passing on all information about recognition and society records to
the incoming officers. All meetings and information to new students at the start of each
semester will be the strict responsibility of the officers elected for that new semester in
order to maintain the integrity and function of the society and to further its progress and
goals in helping inform and prepare student in the field of economics.

Section 2 – Advisors

At least one faculty member of the Texas A&M Economics Dept. will act as society
advisor. They will be required to go through advisor training as part of their
responsibility, and meet all of the actions defined by the advisor training guidelines
through the dept. of student activities. If the current student advisor cannot meet their
requirements, or leaves the university, the officers shall select a new one from the
Economics Dept. This advisor shall counsel and help guide the officers in the
governance of the society, and consort with them on the regulations of recognized student
organization as laid out by the department of student activities. They will meet and have
officer meetings with them to help guide the course in an economics empowering

Section 3 – Finances

All funds shall be overseen by the president, vice-president, and kept track of by the
treasurer. This shall be done through strict adherence to dept. of student activities
financial guidelines and through the bank account provided to the student organization
through the SOFC. All transaction or deposits should be recorded by the treasurer within
24 hours of their accordance, and receipts shall be kept to turn in with the books at the
end of each semester. All monies belonging to this organization shall be deposited and
disbursed through a bank account established for this organization at the Student
Organization Finance Center and/or the Fiscal Office. All funds must be deposited within
24 hours after collection. The advisor to this organization must approve and sign each
expenditure before payment.

Section 4 – Integrity

The previous constitution shall be strictly followed and enforced by the officers, and all
members of the society to the best of their ability. For the procurement of the Economics
Society, the constitution will be enacted as a guideline for the society in all its functions
and shall be referred to and used to settle any argument or debate within the society. The
integrity of the constitution shall be enforced and kept current to ensure for future
students the existence of Texas A&M University Economics Society and the benefits of
its goals.